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Air Duct Cleaning

Your home’s air ducts are a dark, mysterious place. Most people never give their air ducts a second thought. All they know is that your air conditioning, and heating air, comes through from there. The problem with air ducts begins when dirt, debris, and other items like pet dander, dust, and pollen, begin to accumulate over time. Even brand new homes can have dirty, or clogged air ducts as construction debris is often left in the duct area. Add to this, drywall dust, and you can have quite a bit of duct debris accumulating over a short period of time.

Question: “What is drywall dust, and how can I avoid it?”

Answer: Drywall dust is the white, very fine, powder/dust-like substance, usually most noticeable on television and computer screens, and glass tabletops. It is a natural occurrence from having drywall in your home’s construction. Over time, it tends to accumulate in air ducts as well as on upholstered furniture.

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Question: “How often should I have my air ducts cleaned?”

Answer: Industry standards recommend that you have your air ducts inspected every 2 years, or so. An inspection will reveal whether or not you should proceed with the actual cleaning.

Question: “I know that outdoor air is dirty, and polluted, but I thought indoor air was much cleaner. I even have lots of indoor plants”

Answer: Outdoor air is polluted, but studies have shown that indoor air can be between 10 and 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. Also, consider that our more modern homes are more airtight than ever before, and you can see why constantly breathing dirty indoor air can be hazardous.

Having your air ducts professionally cleaned by Carpet Cleaning Experts in Daly City, will bring many benefits. Not only will the air quality inside your home be vastly improved, but the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, will be greatly enhanced. A better running heater, or air conditioner, will result in lower energy bills.

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If you find yourself coughing, sneezing, or with watery eyes, and runny nose, have your air ducts inspected by the professional air duct technicians at Daly City Carpet Cleaning Experts. Our inspection will reveal if your ducts need cleaning, or not. Also, if you notice a difference in the airflow inside your home, it may be due to clogging of your air ducts.

Our Daly City Carpet Cleaning Experts air duct cleaning equipment is truly powerful. It will work on any home, or commercial air ducts. It consists of a powerful vacuum that collects all the dirt, dust, dander, mites, and allergens that contribute to your indoor air pollution. This vacuum produces compressed air, which traps, and removes this debris quickly, and easily into a containment unit. This service is fast, it’s clean, and it’s efficient. The only drawback is the noise that this powerful equipment makes while cleaning your ducts. Daly City Carpet Cleaning Experts, in Daly City, California feel that this short-term noise is a small price to pay for lower energy bills, and cleaner lungs!

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