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Upholstery Cleaning

When our busy day starts to wind down, there is nothing more relaxing than to curl up on the sofa, love seat, recliner, or favorite chaise lounge. Whether you watch television, eat your dinner, read a book, take a nap, or just plain relax, nothing beats just sitting in our preferred place in the family room. Even the family pet likes this, as well. Dog and cat lovers usually have a pet bed, or special area in the room for their fur baby to curl up, and relax with us.

Over time however, upholstered fabric can start to deteriorate, and show wear, and tear. Some of this is from usage, but most is from the effect of built up soil, and grime. This can be from dust, tracked in mud, grime on our clothes, pet hair and dander, spilled drinking fluids, dropped food particles, ink from leaking pens, and many other items.

Call Us: (650) 563-9492

Not only can fabric fibers sustain wear, but also harmful bacteria, dust mites, mold, and mildew can start to form, and grow. Dust mites not only feed on dead human skin and pet dander, they produce at alarming rates, and you can actually breathe all of this into your lungs when you relax on your sofa, or lay on your mattress at night.

Daly City Carpet Cleaning Experts understands the large financial investment that you have made in your furniture. That is why we encourage periodic cleanings of your pillows, mattresses, leather, and fabric upholstered furniture. This serves to prolong the life span of your valued pieces, clean your environment, and make your home look, and smell better as well.

Question: “What kinds of upholstered fabrics can you clean?”

Answer: Our expert technicians have the training, and experience to clean most all of your upholstered fabrics. We routinely clean leather, suede, cotton, natural and synthetic fibers, even silk!

Question: “I paid a lot for my furniture. Is your cleaning process gentle enough to not damage my fine pieces?”

Answer: Yes! We use only the most modern, state of the art cleaning equipment, and solutions. We first evaluate each piece on an individual basis. At no time will your furniture be in danger of damage. When finished, your furniture fabric will look, and smell new, and be allergen free as well.

Question: “I have children and pets. Are your solutions gentle enough for them to be exposed to? I don’t want skin rashes, and irritation from your cleanings”

Answer: Our fabric cleaning craftsmen apply PH balanced, gentle cleaning solutions at the appropriate temperatures, to get your upholstered furniture it’s absolute cleanest. We only use non-toxic, family friendly, and pet friendly solutions on your furniture. The end result is a beautiful looking, and smelling furniture item, that is free of dirt, dust, mites, and allergens.

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