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Water Damage

Disaster can strike when we least expect it to. When that disaster involves fire, and water damage, Daly City, CA. residents turn to the local professionals at Daly City Carpet Cleaning Experts for fast, professional service, done by qualified experts.

Our highly trained team of fire and water damage experts work hard to restore your home, or business property to it’s normal condition before the disaster occurred. Flooded basements, leaking water heaters, excess rain, broken dams, shorted out electrical cords, lightning strikes, arson, stove fires, and even cigarettes can all contribute in one way or another, to fire and water damage to your home, or business.

Call Today: (650) 563-9492

Daly City Carpet Cleaning Experts can provide immediate, and cost effective relief for your residential, or commercial location. Time is always of the essence as further damage can quickly occur with delays.

Standing water tends to further weaken, and damage floors, walls, carpet, drapes and rugs. In addition, mold, and mildew can quickly start to form, leading to a plethora of other troubles.

Our specialized fire and water damage technicians, can quickly assist you with water damage clean up, smoke and fire restoration, mold remediation, and odor removal. Our workers have excellent customer service skills, so that you will always be treated with the respect and professionalism that is due to you as a customer of ours. We know and understand that fire and water damage is always a result of some kind of unforeseen disaster. When you call us, you will be highly stressed to begin with. That is why we encourage all of our customers to leave the water and fire damage control, and repair to us. You have enough to deal with calling the insurance companies, and seeing to the overall safety, and security, of your loved ones.

Question: “When should I call Daly City Carpet Cleaning Experts for fire, or water damage repair?”

Answer: As soon as you know that you have incurred damage. Call our telephone number for live answer 24-hour assistance. Our specialist crew will be on the way to your location immediately.

Question: “Can your company help detect leaks, and the source of the water damage?”

Answer: Yes, we can! In addition to performing water extraction, our technicians inspect for leaks, and other causes of water damage. We also thoroughly disenfect contaminated areas, as well as dry the damaged areas, with high powered fans.

Question: “What is involved in your fire, and smoke damage service?”
Answer: We first perform an inventory of your damaged contents. We then clean structural materials with ozone treatment, while removing all traces of soot. Furniture and upholstery are finally deodorized after cleaning, to prevent any lingering fire, and smoke odors.

Call for an Estimate: (650) 563-9492